a man with a large cock and know how to use it and likes to fuck
also is very in shape with nice chest area and
Tyson dicked me down
by buttyhole978 September 23, 2011
The most stuborn hard headed guy you will ever meet. Dont let him fool you with those dreamy eyes a face and body with his fly ass frisbee skills. He is addicted to Xbox. But behind all of that. He is a goofy sweet tender thoughtful loveing funny as hell guy that ever girl wants.
Friend : who is Bo Time Bae?
Girl : the 1 in a million Tyson
by SJZILLA July 31, 2015
(verb) A forceful, awkward, and arrogant conversationalist that doesn't actually want to hear anything you have to say.
"he pulled a tyson"
by Celeste & Lauren December 02, 2011
"Iron" Mike Tyson
The greatest boxer ever in the history of ever.
"Damn man you see that Tyson fight yesterday"
by player3d September 24, 2009
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