the art of meleeing an enemy on Gears Of War 2 online and immeadietly blasting them with the shotgun.
Awww c'mon, that guy just two-pieced me!
by d00de95 February 11, 2009
Top Definition
When someone hits wid an left and a right,like a combination..
"He was frontin' so i gave him a two-piece!!
by cedric britt July 18, 2003
A term from Gears of War online PVP. To "two piece" someone, you either use a double melee attack, first one stunning them, then the second downing, or use a weapon combo, such as melee stun, then shotgun them out.
F's sake, that locust dude is a two piecer.
by JacobM March 21, 2008
In the Gears of War video game series the act of getting hit with a Melee (B button) and then a quick shot either aimed or blind fired.
"I swear to god all these n00bz ever do is two-piece.
by Ormsbee August 14, 2009
The name given to an action in a game inwhich a melee is followed by a shotgun shot. The melee stuns a player and centers the oponent on the screen making the following shot a kill.

this action is often reffered to as "cheap" or "lacking in skill"

Originates from the video game series Gears of War.
wow I can't beleive that scrub just two pieced me
by Damon Baird January 22, 2011
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