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Nudge yourself on twitter!

e.g. nudge Urbandictionary
Hey he just did Twitterbation!
by Twitter Bation November 25, 2009
Twitterbation (noun) An act of social masturbation in which one retweets trivial @replies directed toward one's self that offer no apparent benefit to one's social status.
Accounts for approximately 98% of posts on twitter.com.

Related forms:
twitt-er-bate - to engage in twitterbation
twitt-er-ba-tor - one who engages in incessant twitterbation
twitt-er-ba-to-ry - a twitter post that displays the fundamental qualities of twitterbation
"Have you been reading Greg's retweets lately? He's been blowing his @reply load all over the place!"
"Indeed, Carla. It seems to be a classic case of Twitterbation."

Every time you twitterbate, God kills a bird.
by Twaction October 29, 2009
1. To follow oneself on the network site 'Twitter'

This phrase is coined by BellaFlan, the most awesomest FanFic writer ever
BellaFlan: Twitter just suggested I follow myself. isn't that like masturbation?
My Thoughts: No, its TWITTERbation.
by thatgirlwhoplaysCOD November 18, 2010