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(n) /lus ɛndər/ A person who struggles to get anything done. Also: a loose endee - a person who is delegated to tie up other people's loose ends.

First reported usage: April 16th 2013, at 2:15pm CET at the CDF.
-Brigitte can't get anything done! She's a real loose ender.

-The report I said I would write isn't finished. Sorry, I'm being a real loose ender this week.
by bethcagnol April 16, 2013
(v) To tweet one's self. To send one's self tweets on Twitter.

(n) Twitterbation
@SoccerMom1979 Twitterbated by sending the following tweet to herself: "@SoccerMom1979 Don't forget to pick up the kids!"
by BethCagnol June 27, 2011

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