Debating another person or topic in 140 characters or less.
The two candidates erupted in a Twitterbate as the election neared.

by Viva Visibility September 18, 2008
Top Definition
Twitterbate (verb) - To use in a manner that is fast-paced; constantly clicking, tweeting, adding friends, replying, and so forth. The user tends to have feelings of excitement, anxiety, or tension and usually yearns in real-time for the next action from the tweet community by staring at the auto-refresh of the internet browser.
Twitterbation Twitterbating
The twitter community is buzzing today. Everyone's tweeting with the news. I'm sure I'll twitterbate all morning.
by Doubledown Tandino February 01, 2009
(v) To tweet one's self. To send one's self tweets on Twitter.

(n) Twitterbation
@SoccerMom1979 Twitterbated by sending the following tweet to herself: "@SoccerMom1979 Don't forget to pick up the kids!"
by BethCagnol June 27, 2011
To repeatedly use Twitter with no friends or followers.
It's so sad, that Jimmy twitterbates every day.
by sneakergeek October 16, 2009
To climax from masturbation in 140 strokes or less.
I knew my roommate was going to return in a few minutes so I only had time for a Twitterbate.
by bateworld December 05, 2011
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