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A website created that basically trying to be as succesful as facebook, and is for stalkers whom like to know what others/random people are doing at any given time of the day. Usually these posted events are completely random, useless and time wasting to post on the internet for any crepper to see.
"I don't know what Bob is doing right this second or what he will be doing in the next 3 seconds... hmm let's go stalk him on Twitter and find out."
by blurt.it.out June 06, 2009
A website that allows self obsessed people to tell what their doing in 140 words or less. Its a piece o' shit.
I'm in a meeting, listening to people talk about projected stocks for our company in the coming year.

Who gives an F ing crap if you're in a meeting. Twitter is really lame.
by Quazimodo tre tousand May 29, 2009
Uncontrollable spasms of the sphincter while trying to suppress defecation
I have to poo so bad my crack hole is twittering.
by bb987 March 18, 2009
the ability of being able to tell your life story without being told no one gives a fuck.
i wish your mum didn't have twitter
by swagmeanings June 24, 2011
A complicated website used by old people who think Twitter is what people use nowadays. Many TV and radio shows and celebrities boast about having a Twitter account.
Twitter also restricts you to 140 characters (WHY?!?!) and there are no privacy settings.
There is also hardly anything to do. It's like a complicated, basic Facebook.
The reason it's 'complicated' is because nobody understands how you USE the site; what's 'retweeting'?, what are these '@Mentions'? IT'S COMPLICATED!
Person A: 'Hey follow me on Twitter!'
Person B: 'Dude, seriously, get a Facebook.'
by Alexander_Banks June 01, 2011
A short skinny stick with a feather a the end of it. Used for womans/mens pleasure. Made to tickle the insides.
''Hey babe do you bring the twitter i want a laugh.''

''I couldnt go all the way with the twitter because i kept laughing."
by Neonick12 December 29, 2010
the sensitive area between a girls twat and her shitter
omg, i finally discovered the wonders of twitter - she screamed like fuck all night
by jonnyddon December 15, 2010