The region the on the female anatomy bewtix her twat and shitter
Sally kicked Jane in the Twitter
by goodtimes420 April 22, 2011
the sensitive area between a girls twat and her shitter
omg, i finally discovered the wonders of twitter - she screamed like fuck all night
by jonnyddon December 15, 2010
A way for people to feel like anyone cares or that they give a shit about what they do.

see also Facebook status
Man 1: Hey man did you read my twitter.

Man 2: No, and I never will.

Man 1: But I'm important! Lots of people look at my twitter!

Man 2: I assume that by twitter that you mean pussy. Go kill yourself, no one likes you anyway.

Man 1: ...
by sevenoddseven December 09, 2010
The bit of skin between a womans twat and her shitter
I'd lick her twitter.
by tomkak99 October 23, 2010
The name of the black hole at the center of the galaxy.
Scientists hypothesize that Twitter will suck in anything within it's reach
by dragonkeeper123 March 21, 2010
It is the area between the twat and the shitter
Nothing like licking the goo on her twitter
by DutchSchultz December 09, 2009
a site that took the status updates from facebook and made it into a social network. its gay.
guy 1: yo,follow my twitter man.
guy 2. fuck no. get a facebook you queer
by fubous November 27, 2009

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