The name of the black hole at the center of the galaxy.
Scientists hypothesize that Twitter will suck in anything within it's reach
by dragonkeeper123 March 21, 2010
It is the area between the twat and the shitter
Nothing like licking the goo on her twitter
by DutchSchultz December 09, 2009
a site that took the status updates from facebook and made it into a social network. its gay.
guy 1: yo,follow my twitter man.
guy 2. fuck no. get a facebook you queer
by fubous November 27, 2009
Female gooch. Twat + Shitter= Twitter.
Woman: Hey did you see what I had on my twitter the other night?

Man: No, but I could definately taste it...
by dvso November 08, 2009
A stupid website to learn exciting gossip about your favorite and least favorite stars.
Girl 1: I just heard that Miley Cyrus is a total whore
Girl 2: How do you know?
Girl 1: Twitter.
Girl 2: Well we already knew that.

Person 1: So Ashton was like thats not fly man and then perez totally dissed him by being like--
Person 2: wait, how do you know this?
Person 1: Why, I stalk people on twitter of course!
by HeSaidSheSaidWHAT? October 24, 2009
When a man rubs his bushy mustache on a girl's vagina.
John twittered Sally last night.

Let me give ya a twitter.
by misterhorsehands October 02, 2009
verb, noun

1. When a girl uses her fingers to rub her genitals for sexual pleasure.

2. Female masturbation.

3. Ideally done with fingers but can also be done with dildos, vibrators, shower massager, cucumber, banana, etc.

4. It's what you do when you don't have a man to pleasure you.

5. Can be used to treat insomnia, stress, and menstrual cramps.

6. A mood elevator.
Allie twitters vigorously in the shower by allowing the water to fiercely hit her lady part causing her to have an orgasm since she doesn't have a man to do it for her.
by justanotherdirtymind September 09, 2009

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