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A person who overly uses Twitter and Facebook as a means to be social instead of actually seeing their friends face to face.
L: "I haven't seen Bill lately.."
T: "Yeah, he's turned into a bit of a Twitface..."
by Pseudo-Nim October 01, 2009
An iPhone app that lets you update your Twitter and Facebook status at the same time.
Jack used TwitFace to update his Facebook and Twitter status.
by bandwagon5 September 18, 2009
A person who is always on twitter and facebook
You are such a twit face
by itsjusmeME June 05, 2009
Someone who it is okay to talk to, but generally creepy and sometimes stalkerish.
Similar to a creeper, but less scary in the light.
Girl: RJ is such a twitface! He touched me today!
Other Girl: I know, right?
by soap guuuuurl January 18, 2011