In the UK, bus driver's nickname for concessionary (bus) pass holders. Mainly, but not exclusively, old people.

The majority of concessionary passes are only valid after 9:30am weekdays. However, most old folk seem to think its ok to try anyway and attempt to board before they are entitled to.

Not only does this inconvenience regular, fare-paying passengers who already have to deal with overcrowding in the morning rush-hour, but it is also extremely frustrating for the bus driver, who keeps having to stop and tell them that yes, they are too early.

constantly repeated, the words "too" and "early" merge to become "twirly"
"the usual bloody twirly's were out again this morning"
"what, and you made them wait, for the sake of a couple of minutes?"
"dead right, balls to 'em, they're old, how important can it be that they absolutely must get to where they're going as early as they think they can get away with?"

*pissing with rain, freezing cold winter morning, 9:28am*
"you're twirly, you will have to pay at this time"
"oh, never mind then, i'd rather wait half an hour for the next bus and save myself 80p"
*gets back off bus into freezing cold piss rain"

"no, love. you're too early"
*drives to next stop*
"sorry, you're too early"
*drives to next stop*
"too early, im afraid"
*getting pissed off, drives to next stop*
*drives to next stop*
by kennygetmezantac August 21, 2011
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Horny, aroused, sexually frustrated. Possibly limited only to females.
"But I was feeling so twirly!" as said by the perfect female specimen that is Zooey Deschanel as Jess on New Girl
by Fart Monkey February 25, 2012
Oral Sex to a male
"She went down and gave me a twirly"
by KG August 30, 2003
cute girl word for horny.
yo that dude's real hot. I be twirly.
by hippos like to doodle February 28, 2012
A scouse (Liverpudlian) expression for pensioner or old person. Free Bus passes for the elderly prohibit travel before certain times to make more space during rush hours. The phrase came about because bus conductors (now drivers) would say "you're too early" to the wrinklies pushing aggressively onto the bus
"Hold on, you're twirly - get the next one.. it's about 2 hours behind us"

"Got stuck in the queue behind a bunch of twirlies cashing in their piggy banks"
by footfarmer September 27, 2005
An old person, usually a pensioner, who tries to use their free travel pass before the morning commuter rush is over. Contracted from "too early".
Look at that twirly at the front of the queue over there!
by HopperStu February 07, 2008
Horny, frisky, in need of a good ride.

First seen in an episode of New Girl.
Jess: "I'm sooooo twirlyyyyyy"
Nick: "What does that even mean?!"
Jess: "You knowwww, twirlyyyyyyy"
by Jordanzy April 04, 2012
A twirly is what it is called when the cock is "twirled" in a circular motion, traditionally with the index finger. It can either be self-administered, or performed by an intimate partner. A classic rendition is the reach-around twirly. This happens when, of two homosexual males, the giver of ass-sex, reaches around, and twirls the receiver's cock.
"Yo, Tommy, what are you up to tonight?"
"I'll probably just sit in front of the computer and twirl it to A Night in Paris for a couple of hours." (heterosexual).

"Oh, yesss, ass-sexxxx."
"You want a twirly with that?"
"Shit yeah I do!"
"Good, 'cause I've been working out my indexes."
"Well, then twirl away motherfucker!" (homosexual).
by Thomas Milne March 09, 2005

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