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An argument brought on by disagreeing opinions about Twilight, the young adult novel series authored by Stephanie Meyer. Arguments are not limited to the books, but also include the movies and merchandise. These arguments often occur between Twihards and Twihaters.

Topics of discussion include Edward's alleged abusiveness, Meyer's controversial use of the word "chagrin," comparisons with other Vampire mythos, and alleged Mormon apologetics contained in the series.
*door slams*
Barry: Where's Jen going?

Dave: She and Matt got into a Twifight and she got all pissy and left. She said she's waiting for her Edward.

*Matt runs past*
Matt: Wait baby, I've got a pair of wax fangs....please come back!
by iloveturkey May 06, 2009
This is an event that occurs when you refuse to bring your girlfriend to see a movie from the Twilight series.
Paul: Did you hear? Jack and Kim broke up because he refused to go see New Moon with her.

Danny: Yeah, all these twifights are driving me crazy.
by Tylenol123 December 03, 2009
When two people get into an argument about which twilight character is better
Him: *facebook status* "ahhh i just love jacob"
Her: *comments* nope edward is better!
Him: noooo jacob!
Me: dude ya'll are having a twi-fight!!!
by nattybug October 09, 2010
A fight or argument between members of the Team Edward and Team Jacob camps of Twilight fans.
At the midnight premier for Breaking Dawn, many a twifight was spurred.
by sousagal47 January 27, 2009
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