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4 definitions by sousagal47

1. To try and hug someone while carrying a sousaphone

2. A group hug in the tuba section before a performance
1. He gave me a tuba hug and dented his bell.

2. For luck before championships, they called for a tuba hug.
by sousagal47 January 27, 2009
26 11
Verb. Trying to solve a Rubick's cube.
Carla was caught cubing in French class yesterday and was assigned detention.
by sousagal47 January 23, 2009
9 7
An abbreviation for ridiculous, something that is hard to believe
I just saw our teacher try to dance to hip-hop...it was ri-ri!
by sousagal47 January 27, 2009
4 20
A fight or argument between members of the Team Edward and Team Jacob camps of Twilight fans.
At the midnight premier for Breaking Dawn, many a twifight was spurred.
by sousagal47 January 27, 2009
5 68