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a trending tweet on the social networking sight "Twitter".
yo, dude, #bieber has been a twend for like 5 years, i fucking hate that guy.
by mrmattboring June 23, 2010
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Concatenated abbreviation of the lesser know British slang insult 'twat end'; part of the female body twixt twat and brown star.
"Good morning, isn't it a lovely day!"
"shut up you twend"
by drop_dead_fred January 28, 2008
Short for "twin vend" - when you put enough money in a vending machine for one product but the machine gives you two of that product, hence a "twin vend"
The snack machine just twended me two Kit Kat Bars. It's my lucky day!
by icedoverfire November 04, 2009

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