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3 definitions by mrmattboring

a person, usually female, who sucks dicks like a vampire sucks blood.
Yo, doood this slut i don't even know wants to come over my house and suck my dick. She's a real TRAMPIRE!
by mrmattboring July 05, 2009
163 49
a trending tweet on the social networking sight "Twitter".
yo, dude, #bieber has been a twend for like 5 years, i fucking hate that guy.
by mrmattboring June 23, 2010
7 3
an amount of weed that costs 5 dollars.
yo how much weed did you get?

i only had five bucks so he hooked me up with a chickle.

fuck dude, you always be gettin them chickles.
by mrmattboring October 09, 2010
2 1