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The drug Zolpidem. Has a sedative (sleep-inducing) effect when taken. Used by Air Force operators to help them calm down after taking stimulants to stay awake during long missions. The opposite of a go-pill.

Also used before a mission to calm nerves and promote sleep.
After flying for 120 hours nonstop, having taken many go-pills in the process, the pilots required a no-go pill to help them sleep.
by icedoverfire November 11, 2009
Short for "fake DVD", pronounced like DVD (i.e. "dee-vee-dee").

Sold by street vendors in New York City/Manhattan
"Dude, I just got a high-quality fee-vee-dee of that hit movie that's in theaters right now!"
"Don't yell 'Cop!' while around those fee-vee-dee hawkers."
"Alternatively, yell 'Cop!' while around those fee-vee-dee hawkers and see what happens."
by icedoverfire December 14, 2009
Short for "twin vend" - when you put enough money in a vending machine for one product but the machine gives you two of that product, hence a "twin vend"
The snack machine just twended me two Kit Kat Bars. It's my lucky day!
by icedoverfire November 04, 2009
An alternative way to say "birthday". Popular on Reddit.
Hooray! Happy Cake Day to me!
by icedoverfire June 21, 2012

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