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A popular mix drink that orginated at the Wildwood Shore in New Jersey. Drink contains Three Olives Grape, Three Olives Rangtang, Blue Curacao, Patron, Splash of Sprite, and flip a Red Bull Can into it.
May I have a Tusa?
by shoreguider December 29, 2011
A fat irish kid that eats alot of cake and abuses his penis pumper. Also see shitface
Hey Tusas, come over and we'll give your grandmother a dirty sanchez.
by Mike T July 03, 2003
1. Cat's fecal matter.

2. A Spanish word often to replace the word "shit", predominantly used in the Dominican Republic.

3. Can be used to describe a bad predicament.
1. Ese es tan insoportable que hay que mandarle una cajita de tusa para que respete.
(He is so annoying, one has to send him a box of sh*t.)
2. Mira a este caquito e tusa. (Look at this little sh*t)
3. Sigue, que a ti te van a poner freír tusa. (Keep on, they are going to send to fry sh*t)
by The Grammar G December 07, 2015
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