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Freslovskian, fresnel, nel
1. Seperated from the Nel after being attacked by Atilla on their native island of freslovskia< also known as the land of frez. Now inhibit Harlem, NY, 'masquerading' as small children, running in front of cars, and therefore further endangering their already endangered species.
Did you see that fres run across the road??
I thought it was a baby.
Fool, didn't you learn your history about the fresnel?
by 511q d00d April 13, 2005
A hip way to say fresh.
Something fun/exciting that hasn't been done before.
"Let's go do something fres!"

"Omnom, that burger was fres!"
by sumosarenotoverweight September 19, 2011
Corruption of the word "free;" an item, free of any charge. Often used in the phrase "I ned fre," where "ned" replaces the word "need."
Give me fre; I just died! (not in real life, of course!)
by Eight Fluid Ounces December 18, 2004
pronounced "fray"

shortened version of "freshman mafia", another word for cigarette.

family meanings:

frshman (fre'): cigarette
sophomore (sopha): gold & mild
junior (jr mob): black & mild
senior (scene): cigar
A) "Hey man, can i bum a cig from you?"

B) "Sorry man I'm out of fre's, too!"

A) "Well, it's fre' time, what are we going to do?"

B) "I guess I'll run to the store."

A)"Could you get me a fre' flame also?"
by frelup May 09, 2008
- A stoner or weed man, a non suss term of saying stoner around a parent or police officer.
"Hey man, you the fre I'm waiting for"
"yeh i got the fre stuff"
by The fre man July 17, 2006
Fre is another word for cigarette.
"Hey do you have a fre i can get?"

"Is it fre-time?"
by deerlad October 29, 2007
The cool way to spell free.

Only n00bs use "free". Don't become one! Th ltter "e" is ovrusd anyway.

Fre can also (usually), as well as "at no cost", mean "good" or equivalent.
1) OMG I just hit level 60! I'm so fre!
by Ultib June 28, 2007

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