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A drinking "club" that U. S. Sailors from the USS Midway (CVA-41), around 1964-5, in a bar across from Ft. DeRussy in Honolulu, Hawaiia, used to try to get free drinks.

New initiates had to answer some seemingly off-color questions. The only question I can remember is shown below in the example.

We sailors would initiate a bar server, preferably a young female who could still blush, because of the number one rule for members. If asked publicly if one is a Turtle, the member MUST answer, "You bet your sweet ass I am!" Failure to do so would be penalized with having to buy all members present a drink.
Turtle Club Initiation question: "Name a four-lettered word for intercourse." Answer: Talk!
by Turtleclubsailor January 12, 2009
A restaurant/bar located in Hoboken, New Jersey known for having bands giving performances there. Delicious food and the lights are very dim giving people such experience.
I stopped by Turtle Club to see Tess and TJ performing before heading to flight school. Tess is such an amazing singer and TJ is very good with guitar.
by NHRHS2010 July 20, 2011

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