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Reach your fist up into another's anus, quickly grasp whatever you can, pull the goodies out of that b-hole and quickly stuff it up into the girl's vagina. Rinse. Repeat. Turkey dinner.
I totally gave Amy a Turkey Dinner last night, stuffed and baked that sh*t before I sent her home...
by G money l.a. December 30, 2013
While having anal sex the man cums in the other person's butthole. Than proceeds with a turkey baster to suck out semen and feed to female.
Bob: "Dude how was your thanksgiving?"

Joe: "It was sick bro i gave my girlfriend a Turkey Dinner!!!"

Bob: "Sick bro!"
by Billy203982345 January 20, 2009
A complicated reverse felch, a Turkey Dinner involves sucking your ejaculate out of your partner's vagina and spitting it into her rectum. She then positions herself over you to push out the ejaculate and feces in a mic that looks like mashed potatoes and gravy... ala a "turkey dinner."
I thought we'd change form our usual Cleveland Steamer ritual tonight for a little turkey dinner!
by SmileDocVic August 24, 2006
having sex in a place usually reserved for fancy guests and parties.
wellington wordsworth: my, what a magnificent meal.

lady blackwell: Thank you. Why, just the other day, i had my own turkey dinner on this very table.
by noodlenightmare November 02, 2010
a guy stands while getting blown, while the girl (performing said act) looks up making eye contact, flaps arms like a turkey (example: chicken dance), and makes "gobble-gobble" moans. the guy proceeds to provide his "stuffing", amidst topping off the end of the meal with a "gravy" topping.
On thanksgiving day, Jillian gave a turkey dinner to Jordan, an avid fan of hearty stuffing and gravy.
by Dan & Spencer March 05, 2008
When you insert two fist into a woman's vagina. She has to be placed into a special position in which her legs are up in the air, while you ram the shit out of her vagina.
Rusty gave Jackie a turkey dinner. No one knows if she survived.
by Rustication September 22, 2007
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