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1. To describe how an incredibly ugly girl got pregnant
2. To describe how a clearly homosexual, yet not openly gay, male impregnated a woman.
3. Slang: Artifical Insemination
1. "Girl, do you see how ugly she is? You know damn well she was turkey basted"

2. "Honey, do you see his prada shoes? You better believe that queer turkey basted his hag."

3. Guy: So did you guys go the traditional route of getting her knocked up?
Guy 2: Nah bro-we turkey basted.
by JNasty0505 December 30, 2008
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When one or several members who are under the influence of alcohol during the of which we give thanks (Thanksgiving) and and require sustenance (have the munchies). The proceed to eat all of the turkey by puréeing it then ingesting via turkey baster.
Jon: Duuuuude, I'm so hungry, but I'm too drunk to chew.
Mike: All we have is leftover turkey, man.
Jon: Let's get Turkey Basted, bro.
by Real Music Represent June 18, 2012
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similar to lambasted but this must be performed by a cripple... completly torn apart by a cripple
dude even thou that guy only has one leg he comlpetly turkeybasted you
by D-hizzle f-o s-hizzle July 01, 2003
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