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to be drunk and high at the same time
i think i'm basted; i feel like shiot.
by T June 05, 2003
A mixture of the words "baked" and "wasted;" a word to describe yourself whilst extremely high and drunk at the same time. Good to utter when in no state of mind to speak. Can apply to both good and bad experiences.
"I stumbled drunkenly into a circle of people smoking Afganny Kush and got handed the joint. I got freaking basted man."

"Hey bud, you doing ok?"

"Hot damn I was basted last night."
"Niiiice, good party then?"
"Fuck no bro, I had no clue what was going on and threw up in the backyard!"
by A Crooked Vulture November 13, 2009
to be drunk and high at the same time
Bruh im basted as fuck.
Im past being wasted im basted.
by July 29, 2012
adj. when you are baked & wasted at the same time. Baked + Wasted = Basted
"I am totaly f-ing basted right now brahh!" said Vincent as he downed a bottle of liquor & finished his 3rd joint that night.

After an intense week of finals, Finnigan wanted nothing more than to find a party to go to and just unwind and get sh!t-basted at.
by Roost3r Cogz August 25, 2009
When you're high and drunk. A hybrid of baked and wasted.
Dude. That purple haze and vodka combo got me totally basted.
by A slice June 08, 2013
basted- (verb) the act of getting gin bucket injected into your mouth by a turkey baster; usually results in getting wasted
1.)Tim brought the gin bucket and Kira got basted all night in the hot tub.

2.)I got basted last night, I am so hungover.
by Cooner c-town August 13, 2010
a girls face looks like she's had semen glazed over it
Guy 1: yo you see katie today looks like she and Bobby did work last weekend
Guy 2: yeah she looks strate basted
by phunkmaster June 09, 2009
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