Turkey is a country which is not in the middle east,but close to middle east and it is on the lands called anatolia which can be considered as one of the birth places of modernization in the ancient history.For those who claim that Turkey slaughtered other nations,I suggest you make some research about one country before making comments about it.Here are the obvious facts,Turkey has been tried to be taken over by many countries in the beginning of the recent century.Although it was thoroughly a mistake for Turkey to join the WW1,it was on the losing side after all.But Turkey being taken over by other countries,it claimed a new war only by itself for its freedom against England,French,Greek,Italy which are the countries that tried to take over Turkey,and won a glorious victory against them.So I suggest to some people that it is not that easy to take over this country if you have a little glimpse to its history.Yet today as in other definitions here,people without the spirit of research making claim just by hearing some gossip in some unscientific arguments that it is a country which slaughtered its neighbours .(and i said greek and Iraq fought against Turkey in the WW1,which is an obvious controversy to those claims,now who is slaughtering the other?)
Turkey with a with one of the biggest triumphs against its enemies in history,is a country that is impossible to take over without one single Turk being alive.
by gokhan kurt July 06, 2006
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A country that's incredibly fun to be in because it's not quite European, but not quite Asian either.
If through some crazy events Asia and Europe went to war, they'd both bomb Turkey.
by Jimmy Kickarse August 19, 2006
(n) a loser; an uncoordinated, inept, clumsy fool
a tool; a person who is not in with current culture and slang or is just generally uncool.
These slang usages of the word "turkey" were mostly used during the late 60's and 70's by urban-dwelling blacks.
See jive turkey
That honkey is one straight-up jive turkey!
by Jam Master J November 24, 2005
A country that serves as the bridge between Eastern Europe and Western Asia. Its biggest city is Istanbul although they changed the capital to Ankara 70 years ago. Men are a little on the crazy side but the chicks are uber hot.
Turkey is a real Turkish delight
by Tenfive September 13, 2006
1) A close relative to the hen, a bird kept and bred for its nutritious meat.
2) A country that consists of what was the core of the Ottoman Empire.
1) We had roast turkey for dinner.
2) Turkey was shaped as a state by Kemal Ataturk.
by Cynic May 26, 2004
The opposite of virgin for a girl, because they have "received a stuffing"
"I heard she was a virgin"
"What, at 17? Nah, definitely turkey"
by Triaxial Ellipsoid January 14, 2004
Three strikes in a row in a game of bowling (offcial name).
David just got a Turkey!
by Chris March 26, 2003
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