(n.)The seat directly behind the passenger seat in a car; the right rear seat of an automobile

The origination of the word 'turk'
The word turk is a term created to avoid the confusion that arises during the calling seats process that precedes any car ride. It is customary to call 'shotgun' (the passenger seat) immediately for it is widely understood to be the most comfortable position. Under the condition that there are multiple passengers and the back seat is going to be occupied, the next seat to be called is 'not-bitch' (either window seat in the rear) due to those seats having more leg room than the center-or 'bitch'-seat. Herein lies the problem. With both seats being titled 'not-bitch,' one's seat location is not clearly identified and an argument can ensue.
It so happens that the right rear seat is slightly more optimal that the left rear position, due to the following reasons: the driver must be comfortable. It is usually his/her car, and driving is a strenuous activity, and is entitled to have his/her seat set as far back as desired, and also to have the seat reclined as far back as they wish. This fact makes it inappropriate for a passenger sitting behind the driver to ask for them to change the position of their seat and sacrifice their comfort level. Conversely, the person occupying the 'shotgun' seat is entitled to no more luxury than the rest of the passengers is therefore obligated to sacrifice some excess leg room for the sake of the person behind him/her.(Note: the person sitting 'bitch' is just plain screwed)
This dilemma would make the desired seat the right rear passenger seat and create a problem as the first two people to call 'not-bitch' would be left fighting for said position. The implementation of the term 'turk' creates a hierarchy of seats ranging from shotgun(passenger), turk(rear passenger), not-bitch(rear driver), and bitch(middle aka worst aka you suck). This creates a problem-free, foolproof system and is necessary in figuring out who sits where in any car ride situation.

NOTE: many social circles have differing rules on calling 'shotgun' and any seat thereafter (i.e. being outside, being in view of the vehicle). Standard shotgun rules still apply with the implementation of the 'turk' seat.

On November 13, 2004, 5 Long Island teenagers found themselves involved in a practical joke gone horribly wrong. Using a stolen credit card, the teens went on a shopping spree at their local waldbaums supermarket, spending in excess of $500. Among the purchases was a 20-pound frozen turkey. After the spree, they then proceeded to joy-ride at around midnight. One of the teens then, as a prank, stood up in his seat (the rear right seat) and hurled the turkey out the window at oncoming traffic. The turkey proceeded to demolish the windshield of an elderly lady and smash directly into her face. The high speed impact caused immense damage to her face and required hospitalization and hours of re constructive surgery. The perpetrators were later apprehended and disciplined accordingly.

"{the teen}, who has a prior arrest for criminal tampering, then tossed the turkey out of the rear passenger-side window, police said." -New York Daily News article

In a trivial fashion, it can be said that if the man riding in the passenger seat is armed with a shotgun, then the man riding in the rear passenger seat may as well be armed with a turkey. (possibly just as lethal)
{group of 5 friends are walking to a car about to go on a road trip}

driver: Lets get going fellas.

friend 1: I got shotgun!

friend 2: TURK!

friend 3: Not Bitch!!

friend 4: damn.
by Marc Lenoble January 31, 2007
Top Definition
An adjective referring to someone who is extremely brave. It is a common slang term used in some parts of West Coast. This term is derived from the name of a tribe, turks, which ruled asia and europe between 1400s and 1800s(the USA of old ages)
You're not going to find any other quarterback that has the combination of bravery, size, speed and the accuracy he has with his arm. He is a real strong and a turk QB . He is Daunte Culpepper.
by berryinaspin July 21, 2005
a euroasian nation who has no link with arabs -ON THE CONTRARY TO "THESAURUS OF UD- instead of a border neigbourliness. the reason turks are thought to be arabs may be because of the religion(islam) of both nations, even turks are secular public.
turks and jews as being two pal nations hate arab terorrism .
by berrystillinaspin December 20, 2005
a citizen of the country which gave the women the right of selecting and being selected before than any european countries in 1934.and turk males cannot marry to more than one woman.
i went to turkey and saw turks do not have tails as we supposed before
by panzerkampf December 18, 2005
A person who has mongolian origins, speaks an altaic language called Turkish, a native of one of the Turkic countries, such as Turkey, Azarbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhistan etc. and who is commonly mistaken for Arabs and Persians, usually by some stupid westernese or arrogant Aussies.
"hehe so you are a turk eh? mohamed jihad jihad ? hehehe..."
"sorry, don't know arabic, I speak TURKISH, you retard!"
by Attillaaaa April 12, 2008
The last name of the character in the tv-show scrubs], Donald Faison is starring as Dr. Christopher Turk.
His "Scrubs" co-stars refer to him as "that guy from Clueless."
Turk is Donald Faison's last name in the tv-show scrubs
by Godmotha August 23, 2006
The cheapest way to win at Age of Empires II: The Conquers. Their special unit is the Janissary which a crazy powerful gunpowder unit that kicks too much ass to be fair. If a player has 15 of these fuckers lined up in a row they are almost impossible to beat. Not to mention the Turks have a great cavalry and defense advantages over all other civilizations. Here’s a hint if your opponent launches a bunch of Janissary units at you, your best bet is to use a row of Onagers or Siege Onagers and fucking let them know that their a cheap bastard.
Steve: How did Tim win that last game of Age of Empires?
Bill: That fucker used the Turks.
Steve: Wow what a cheap douche bag.
by Evergreen-Academy April 06, 2006
Bravest people on earth, who were never o taken down or beaten by any nation on the battle field...Check your local library.
1914-1915 Gallipoli Turk
by cenktheturk kara October 20, 2008
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