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A quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings that had a great 2004 season. Now that his favorite WR Randy Moss is gone he has shown everyeone that he acutally sucks. He also likes to go to parties on boats and have sex.
Daunte Culpepper can't hold Brett Favre's jock strap.
by Randolph Lee October 22, 2005
An NFL quarter who played for the Vikings, Dolphins, and now Raiders. Possesses great potential and showed promise in the 2004 season, but has had his career ruined with knee injuries. Known primarily as a running QB with descent passing skills.
Daunte Culpepper scored 5 touchdowns against the Dolphins this season... he ain't dead yet.
by mattsisk October 08, 2007
The greatest quarterback in the NFL. He plays for the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC North. He wears number 11, and is black so hes awesome.
"Daunte Culpepper just threw a bullet of a pass over the middle
by Dan January 18, 2005
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