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The last name of the character in the tv-show scrubs], Donald Faison is starring as Dr. Christopher Turk.
His "Scrubs" co-stars refer to him as "that guy from Clueless."
Turk is Donald Faison's last name in the tv-show scrubs
by Godmotha August 23, 2006
The only place that "I feel home". Everybody wants to leave the known faces and known faces behind one day, and I can leave any face any place behind but Istanbul... it's my addiction.

And it's strange that people around the world is more likely to know the name of the city -Istanbul- more than the country Turkey.
It is like knowing Chicago and thinking that it's a state rather than a city of the state Illinois.

Yes, it used to be the capital of Turkey but back in the history it was shifted to Ankara which was a safer place geographically and strategically.

Istanbul, the place to be!
by Godmotha August 24, 2006
This is the name for official records for any woman who is unidentified and dead/alive.

And as everbody knows John Doe is the male version of the name.

Alicia Key's Jane Doe represents any women... Not especially someone who tries to steal someother's man, just the unidentified and mysterious type of female.

Last but not least Jane Doe is the name of an album of Converge which dates back to 2002.
Watch the film Se7en (1995) directed by David Fincher, starring Brad Pitt, the murderer(Kevin Spacey) who has seven victims is called as John Doe.

A female body was found in the woods and taken to morgue under the name of Jane Doe.
by Godmotha August 23, 2006
On ebay it is the short form of New Without Tags.
The hand is brand new but it's condition is NWOT.
by Godmotha April 28, 2006
Tupac Amaru Shakur...
He was my reason to learn English...
First the beats got me, later the more I understood the lyrics, the more I was amazed... After him, I saw the changes in me...He was talented that's true...
Yes, he might not be the greatest actor but he was the best on the real stage what we call "LIFE"
He was true to the bone, had dreams like anybody else had, like making money, living a fabulous life. But what's more he never forgot where he came from. He lived an unfinished life, what'd happen if he was still alive?! God knows...

Thug In Peace, I won't forget cha :(
It's been a decade, but 2pac is not forgotten.
by Godmotha September 12, 2006
Short form of Real Retail Price on ebay.
The RRP of this hat is $45 in stores.
by Godmotha April 28, 2006
Tha first lady of a criminal organization(mafia)
I'm tha godmotha u betta do what i say..
by Godmotha February 28, 2005

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