Black-ops organization founded in Boston, Massachusetts. The group’s founders act as a triumvirate, controlling the activities of the group which—contrary to popular belief—is no longer officially affiliated with the General Affairs Department of the Shin-Ra Electric Company. Due to the group’s overall tendency towards secretiveness, little is known about their activities. What is known is that its three leaders base their operations out of 6 Arlington Street in Boston’s prestigious Beacon Hill neighborhood. The Turks are allegedly connected to a string of violent crimes in the area, including the hostile takeover of the area commonly referred to as the “Common Room”. Though some sources claim that its triumvirate is comprised of three badass, beautiful young femme fatales, this is dubious given the severity and coldhearted nature of their activities. That story is likely a falsehood constructed by amateur admirers of the group, who abound in the Back Bay area. Also rumored to be collectively fond of (and good at) video games, and that their name is an allusion to the popular game Final Fantasy VII.
"I saw a girl leaving 6 Arlington Street, muttering something about 'muffin' and dusting white powder from her nostrils. She was carrying a sword, too. Oh man…do you think she was one of The Turks!?"
by Willy the Snitch February 07, 2006
Top Definition
An adjective referring to someone who is extremely brave. It is a common slang term used in some parts of West Coast. This term is derived from the name of a tribe, turks, which ruled asia and europe between 1400s and 1800s(the USA of old ages)
You're not going to find any other quarterback that has the combination of bravery, size, speed and the accuracy he has with his arm. He is a real strong and a turk QB . He is Daunte Culpepper.
by berryinaspin July 21, 2005
a euroasian nation who has no link with arabs -ON THE CONTRARY TO "THESAURUS OF UD- instead of a border neigbourliness. the reason turks are thought to be arabs may be because of the religion(islam) of both nations, even turks are secular public.
turks and jews as being two pal nations hate arab terorrism .
by berrystillinaspin December 20, 2005
a citizen of the country which gave the women the right of selecting and being selected before than any european countries in 1934.and turk males cannot marry to more than one woman.
i went to turkey and saw turks do not have tails as we supposed before
by panzerkampf December 18, 2005
A person who has mongolian origins, speaks an altaic language called Turkish, a native of one of the Turkic countries, such as Turkey, Azarbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhistan etc. and who is commonly mistaken for Arabs and Persians, usually by some stupid westernese or arrogant Aussies.
"hehe so you are a turk eh? mohamed jihad jihad ? hehehe..."
"sorry, don't know arabic, I speak TURKISH, you retard!"
by Attillaaaa April 12, 2008
The last name of the character in the tv-show scrubs], Donald Faison is starring as Dr. Christopher Turk.
His "Scrubs" co-stars refer to him as "that guy from Clueless."
Turk is Donald Faison's last name in the tv-show scrubs
by Godmotha August 23, 2006
The cheapest way to win at Age of Empires II: The Conquers. Their special unit is the Janissary which a crazy powerful gunpowder unit that kicks too much ass to be fair. If a player has 15 of these fuckers lined up in a row they are almost impossible to beat. Not to mention the Turks have a great cavalry and defense advantages over all other civilizations. Here’s a hint if your opponent launches a bunch of Janissary units at you, your best bet is to use a row of Onagers or Siege Onagers and fucking let them know that their a cheap bastard.
Steve: How did Tim win that last game of Age of Empires?
Bill: That fucker used the Turks.
Steve: Wow what a cheap douche bag.
by Evergreen-Academy April 06, 2006
Bravest people on earth, who were never o taken down or beaten by any nation on the battle field...Check your local library.
1914-1915 Gallipoli Turk
by cenktheturk kara October 20, 2008
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