Top Definition
it signifies penis of a man
tero turi katidin6u=i'll cut ur penis

suck my turi !!
by brave Nepali.Adolf Hitler October 20, 2009
An extremely gay individual with stereotypical black qualities
Turi asked his boyfriend to get him some KFC chicken
by Rodney Pound-Snatch June 28, 2009
harry potter's seccond clone. The first one, craig, didn't look like him much. Has a dad with the coolest name ever..
hey guys, it's turi! ZOLTAN!
by hobojoe February 25, 2004
An extream sarcastic child that likes to frequently use periods.
Today turi was a jerk.
by . August 20, 2004
A silly small manchild who admins Mantako, and is Mr.Frielanders lovechild with Harry Potter!
Man, that Turi looks like a Mikita!
by Bruce Cecchini March 22, 2004
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