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Crazy, insane, stupid-doing
That guy is acting turi!
by Owner May 29, 2011
7 3
What you say when you got served
Aww sheeit, he just got turi'd!
by Heinsach February 25, 2004
10 9
it signifies penis of a man
tero turi katidin6u=i'll cut ur penis

suck my turi !!
by brave Nepali.Adolf Hitler October 20, 2009
17 17
harry potter's seccond clone. The first one, craig, didn't look like him much. Has a dad with the coolest name ever..
hey guys, it's turi! ZOLTAN!
by hobojoe February 25, 2004
9 13
An extremely gay individual with stereotypical black qualities
Turi asked his boyfriend to get him some KFC chicken
by Rodney Pound-Snatch June 28, 2009
10 15
An extream sarcastic child that likes to frequently use periods.
Today turi was a jerk.
by . August 20, 2004
15 20
A silly small manchild who admins Mantako, and is Mr.Frielanders lovechild with Harry Potter!
Man, that Turi looks like a Mikita!
by Bruce Cecchini March 22, 2004
6 14