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A couple name for Michael and Nikita from the TV show Nikita on the CW
Me: I totally ship Mikita!
Person: I do, too!
by Me_Iz_Here July 13, 2011
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A czech guy who looks like he's japanese, but is really swahili as well as the pope, the French prime minister and a vietnamese guerilla warrior.
mikita denies any relation to a table saw.
by hobojoe March 02, 2004
A strange manchild who looks like a larger and heavier Mike Turi. Could also be Mr. Friendlanders lovechild.
1.That kid is a real Mikita.
2.He looks liek a real jerk
3.he looks liek he spend hid life in his room AKA the second floor of his house.
4.Wow did you just pull a mikita
5.Drugs make you act liek a mikita
6.after we got hammered we pulled a mikita
by Mr. Cecchini <3 you! March 22, 2004

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