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The process of performing anal intercourse with a female while consuming a tasty turkey sandwich. It should be gobbled utilizing a corresponding beastliness in which you are pounding the female- ie: lettuce bits, turkey pieces and globs of mayo should be flying through the air, and preferably on to the females back. To officially complete a turduckin however, you must ensure the female consumes the last and final bite.

There is also the hot tub submerged version of the turduckin experience, in which you must make sure to dunk the final piece of sandwich within the grimy water and then proceed to feed it to your female counterpart. This is called a Daveduckin.

It is important to note that to pull off the turduckin, it must be something along the lines of a 'one night stand'. This CANNOT be your girlfriend. For one to pull off a turduckin, you must find a qualified candidate who is not only down with anal, but also to have a turkey sandwich consumed while being pounded. The reward, after being completely plowed, is that the female is gifted the final bite.
Used in a conversation:

cope: "Man, I'm really sick of these regular sexual encounters, Jack heads, Swingers.. I'm looking for something new...

Rob: "Well you should surely turduck-the-fuck out of a bitch tonight!"

Roger: "Yeah man! Last night I almost pulled off a Turduckin- BUT- the bitch went ballistic when I pulled out the turkey sandwich"

Sarah: "The key is to make sure you're prepared with lube, condoms, and of course, a finely made turkey sandwich!"

Missy: "I absolutely love the final bite"

Hot Tub Dave: "Stop lying Missy, you wouldnt eat the soggy bite after I tried DaveDuckin you the other night!!!!"
by cope. July 07, 2010
When you stuff a chicken inside a duck in side a turkey made up by John Madden
I'm making turduckin for thanksgiving
by swayzak November 26, 2007
To use the trifecto of the drugs soma, hydrocodone, and marijuana to achieve the "duck dance" (being really fucked up) and talk about it in front of others without anyone knowing what the hell you're talking about.
"What's up bro, you trying to do the duck dance?" ' "Hell yeah I'm down for some turduckin."
by DemonOfDisdain March 01, 2015
The act of poop poking out of ones butt then sucking it back into the rectum.
I almost pooped my underwear but I Turduckin it back in and made it the restroom.
by El J-Mart-O December 10, 2010
When a Turkey fucks a Chicken while having its salad tossed by a Duck. During this process, a man with a gun kills them all and proceeds to jerk his load all over their dead carcasses.
The farm was having a great time, but then the Farmer said it was time for a Turduckin, and dropped his pants with a giant hard-on leaking man juice everywhere.
by Dan Gordon November 22, 2007
Turkey duck and chicken combined together . place the chicken inside the duck. Then place both inside the turkey and deepfry. 3 minutes per pound..roughly 1 hour all cooked.
That deepfryed turduckin was some fuckin good da other day
by newfie23 April 05, 2016
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