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A car produced by Ford Motor Company, often referred to as Thunderbird
Those moron teenagers around NYC in 1966 thought Cadillacs, Lincolns, and Turd Birds were cool cars.
by andy1 May 30, 2005
A "sculpture" sold in Stuckey's gas stations in the 1970s. The "bird" was composed of a dried piece of dung with toothpick legs, googly eyes, little feather wings and a plastic beak.

These "sculptures" stood upon a small plastic base that featured the words "turd bird" preceded by the name of the state in which one purchased the item. Thus, if traveling through Montana, one could purchase a Montana Turd Bird, and when one reached Wyoming, one could stop at a Stuckey's and purchase a Wyoming Turd Bird. The poosibilities were endless.

I've been to all 48 contiguous states and I have a Turd Bird from every one of them to prove it.

I'm so depressed, I just found out they don't have Stuckey's in Hawaii. I so wanted a Hawaiian Turd Bird.
by Dave of the Dean November 29, 2008
A simultaneously sincere and childish term of affection.
"Get going, turd bird."
by pass the mic. April 16, 2004
An infection caused from bacteria that enters the penis during anal sex.
i.e. Poop
"Dude! I hit that ass so hard, now I have Turd Bird!"
by Pinkman-Heisenberg January 17, 2014
A person who defecates in a toilet and leaves, without flushing, leaving a suprise for the next person to use the bathroom.
Jake left a gigantic piece of shit in the toilet and I called him a turdbird because he didnt have the courtesy to flush after he was done.
by Angela DiPerna June 19, 2007
it`s a disparagement to people in the U.S Navy who don`t conform to regulations.(the potato peeler,deck swabber)
oh ralph? that turd bird is on an icebreaker in Greenland for 18 months.
by Ralf April 29, 2004
A person or object that fails to meet the behavior requirements modeled by the coolest person on the planet. (W.W.C) If you do not meet those standards then you are a BIG turd bird.
"Whoa Brennah you're a turd bird for posting that picture on Facebook"
by thatspeachy July 12, 2015
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