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The absolute sexiest thing a woman can do.
Girl: -Belch.-
Ralf: Marry me!
by Ralf April 05, 2005
a cocksucker. a way to say cocksucker in mixed company.
why is everyone so nice to mike we all know he`s a richard smoker.
by ralf May 04, 2004
verb. the act of breaking wind and moving from that place before teh smell is detectable.
I totally just pooted n scooted in the hallway.

That was a sick poot n scoot.
by Ralf April 25, 2005
it is the hand you jerk off with .
i have a date with Palmala Handerson tonight.
by ralf June 17, 2004
what a horny dog does when it meets you for the first time.it grabs the upper part of your leg then dry humps it.
aunt betty get this leg humping hound off me and put him outside.
by ralf May 18, 2004
a portable toilet pumper,or plumber.based on the days of the outhouse (the cleaners would come in the night and take the contents of the house.)
honey call the turd bugular,the toilets clogged.
by ralf May 17, 2004
a girl that is cute but so skinny she has no breast.
man, look at the ass on candy it`s to bad she`s all nipples on ribs.
by ralf May 03, 2004

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