When you're forced to take a dump in a public restroom and you're just about to drop the bomb, when someone comes into the bathroom and tries to open the stall you're in! This cases the shit coming out your ass to suck back in and your meaty dump to be interrupted.
Man, I was taking a dump when this Turd Burgular came in and messed it up.
by stinky April 07, 2004
Top Definition
An animal, usually a dog, that "steals" a turd out of a cat's litter box . After this it eats it in all it's glory in another area of the home, resulting in bad breath, or "poop breath" and a big toothy grin.
"Wow, your dog's a turdburgular. He's chowin' on a huge turd from the catbox!"
by Jason Schwagner June 28, 2006
a big raving gayboy who loves taking and receiving other peoples bum love.
ure a fucking turd burgular, go lick my brown star you fool!
by ozzy July 08, 2004
One who is a theive in the world of turds. He or she may rob the innocent of their stool. This thing may be obsessive of waste products and is fascinated by the pooping process.
"Hey, that turd burgular stole my stool!"
by Jordan January 04, 2004
When you defecate but forget to flush only to come back later and find your cat pawing at said turd as if it was planning to steal it.
I caught my cat being a turd burgular last night.
by Sancez November 18, 2005
When having sex through the back door, only to pull your tool out and find a clump of turd attached to your knob
"Turd Burgular" I turd burgled Cindy last Saturday night but disaster averted, I wiped it on her curtains before she found out
by Turd burgular 101 July 12, 2011
someone who fucks butts and likes it 2
yo mom you are a total turd burgualr
by Joe Facker October 06, 2003
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