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btnh is da realist thugs out their fuck 50,fuck ja,and all the other rappers
Who be the niggas that's sneakin' the pistol up in the party
Drinkin' that 151 Bacardi
Drunk and finna fuck up somebody... (Bone Thugs)
Keepin' it realer than real in the field
Niggas that's packin' that steel
Who be the niggas that soldover 30 million strong... (Bone Thugs)
Who be the niggas in black
Who be the niggas with straps
Who be the niggas that's bustin' back at the got-damned law... (Bone Thugs)
by ozzy September 10, 2003
A magik(c) user who is devoted to the study of life and death and specialises in spells and incantations to with people both alive and dead.
by Ozzy July 09, 2003
sexy,intellgent, gorgous gal
look at that girl she is a janey
by ozzy December 02, 2004
i poke smot every day
by ozzy October 13, 2003
a big raving gayboy who loves taking and receiving other peoples bum love.
ure a fucking turd burgular, go lick my brown star you fool!
by ozzy July 08, 2004
Marijuanna--Cannabis. It kind of sounds like what the drug feels like.
Let's smoke some mawi wawi.
by Ozzy February 08, 2005
Rare name. Popularity rank #16375 in the USA. Adapted from a legendary monster which became common in dreams around the 1930s. The dinosaur-like monster appeared in Blue and Purple colours, estimated 15 foot high, with flat teeth - a leaf eater, was an educational dream for children in the southern regions of Greater London in the UK. There were no reports of adults having a vision of the Odinosaurus.
Tom Odino; Dick Odino; Harry Odino
by Ozzy January 11, 2005

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