A 'tune' is a bong.
To 'play a tune', 'have a tune', means to smoke a bong.
"Have you had your tune yet?"
Used as a code while at work or school: "I can't wait to go home and play/listen to some tunes."
by Diego July 18, 2003
1. to sleep with or try and sleep with someone.
2. to tune someone, meaning upgrade them, there looks, cloths, hair, etc.
1: I tried to tune that bitch!

2: I'm tuning her, she has un-tapped potential.
by Tuner1221 October 29, 2009
1. To tune someone: to confront them/request something
2. To "tune" someone (insult them)
Rene: Hey, we're out of bread.
Bats: Please tune your mom to go buy some.

Jake: Aw, you're such a faggot.
Brenda: No, I'm not.
Tim: I'd NEVER let someone tune me faggot, bru.
by planetchad June 15, 2009
another word for boning a chick or dude
" i tuned my girlfriend up real good last night"

"that guy is a dude tuner"
by panty lotion September 11, 2008
To mug, attack, or rough up, usually with a large group of people. The word implies attacking an individual and severely hurting them.
We're going to go over there and tune that guy for sure.
by Jon Thomas October 03, 2005
(pronounced "choon")

(South African surfer's English. Derivation unk.)

To tune somebody is to:

a). tell somebody something in no uncertain terms
b). to scold, upbraid or dress-down someone
c). to order someone about, direct them firmly.
Example 1: "Now that we're prefects we can tune all these lighties what to do."

Translation: "Now that we're prefects (upperclassmen), we can tell all these younger kids what to do."

Example 2: "At the braaivleis last night, I ran into this ouk who was totally pissed motherless. But I tuned him, ek se."

Translation: "At the barbecue last night, I ran into this guy who was extremely drunk. But I put that guy in his place very decisively, I tell you."
by david lincoln brooks November 15, 2010
1. An animal.

2. Replacement word for nigga.
1. Look at that lil tune.

2. Come on tune, your killin' me.
by liltune May 10, 2010

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