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The "catchy" part of a pop song that get stuck in your head and eventually drive you crazy.
The tune got you!
by QuartzRox March 27, 2004
Kissing, usually open mouthed.
"Did you tune that girl last night?"
by Thomas Telford July 01, 2003
The act of passionately kissing a stranger, otherwise known as a "random", most often in the middle of a crowded club.
Dude! I just tuned the hottest chick.

Babe! I just tuned some ugly guy hehehe
by J Burger July 28, 2005
weed or marijuana

to get stoned
i wish i had some tune
by adam March 22, 2005
n. - To get severely beaten or dominated in a sport or game.
Damn dude, you just got f**king tuned!
by ObserveRx April 12, 2004