(n.) a white, suburban, wanna-be rapper who exhibits large, swollen cankles, houses Raisin Bran Crunch, and often wields dual Winchester model 1887 shotguns (w/o advancing to prestige)
Damn, this kid is a Tuna; he's camping in the bar on Estate - just owning people with his 1887s, not even putting down his bowl of Raisin Bran Crunch!
by lildeezy3 January 21, 2010
what a pussy taste like.
devons pussy taste like tuna
by v girl November 20, 2007
Classical Tune.
Classical 80s', Club/Trance record plays. Example of a tune, aka. Tuna.
by Domage October 07, 2008
the most delicious yum
Becca loves Kayla's tuna.
by Yannah November 15, 2007
A tasty treat, that many enjoy.
"I cant wait to get to school today, we get Tuna for breakfats and lunch."
by Telis February 20, 2005
400lb 6'5" male computer engineer
said to have *all mouth movement no intelligence*
delegated menial tasks henceforth
Oi! Tuna, clear the 922 parts
by Tweaks March 31, 2008
Tuna is and you act like you just did......soooooooo

Q:Dude you just blew my mind with that tuna....are you blazin?

A:Just did!!
by FEU November 22, 2007

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