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Crazy french man who talks in third person and doesnt know proper english, Might i add he has been playing Counter-Strike since 1.4 and his wonid is 7052..
Hey thorn.
"thorn hey says, how today is?"
by Spiderface January 23, 2003
Pants you where when traveling to the moon.
Kims ass looks so fine in those 'Moon Pants'; wtf? I cant goto the moon in these pants for i need my 'Moon Pants'
by Spiderface January 23, 2003
A bag inside of a store baught chicken containing its genetalia
John is such a flaming cock bag.
by Spiderface January 23, 2003
Ment to be a fish, but people with the name tarun tend to be called Tuna.
Tuna is fat.
by Spiderface January 23, 2003

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