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a good looking man with a little spunk in his attitude, abbafistic in nature
wow check out that tuna! What a catch he is!
by warriorpapaya December 19, 2005
1. Any of various often large scombroid marine food and game fishes of the genus Thunnus
2. Bill Parcels
1. Dude, that tuna smells like pussy
2. The Tuna saved Dallas!
by adam is so great December 30, 2003
A dumb bitch who is fake and talks about everyone; see also fat face.
Ugh,Tuna she's a dumb bitch.
by Roy Ferguson October 22, 2007
The smell of rotting fish that can often be found between a girls stems; often associated with tuna cakes and tuna salad
1--"Eww...That Desiree sure smell like tuna"

2--"Hey-ya tuna cakes, how about we order a desert pizza"

3--"Clyde asked my boyfriend once if he was hungry for lunch, and he said "DAMN, I think I'll just have some tuna salad with a side of topiary""
by Tuna Cakes August 20, 2003
Someone who is past the point of being a fucking retard or an idiot.
Buddy your a fucking tuna!
by Lynden Patterson March 06, 2005
the tunas" portuguese gang group
Manuel is a tuna. portuguese mobster mobster gangster
by Pedro August 31, 2004
that annoying fish that we have at leat 30 cans of in the cupboard. and it's pronounced chew-na.
i have never heard of tuna being associated with girls privates
by fairy nuff September 20, 2003