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a band that finally made it into the spotlight...
for all you dumbasses that think all bands, such as dashboard confessional, that make it are sell-outs, what the fuck do you think any band is trying to do? go belly-up and sing for you in free shows until they get huge beer guts and lose their voice from throat cancer from inhaling to much smoke?
by Krystina December 08, 2003
mixture b/t chillin and relaxin
To hear chillaxin used in everyday converstion please watch the movie Final Destination 2... the stoner character, who might I add, is the funniest of all of them, says chillaxin...
by Krystina December 08, 2003
Head; skully; suckin' d*ck
Amanda gave James Gorgia Dome yesterday in front of James's brother. Ewww...
by Krystina April 14, 2004
means stupid person, nicer version of being a bitch. Someone who is acting ignorant and mean
She is being such a major bunta right now.
by Krystina April 12, 2004
When a person is hella high and actin' really stuip or sayin' sumthing that's really stupid.
Last night David was on Tuna hella bad.
by Krystina April 14, 2004
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