Tumblr is a blog, where the most mainstream of people pretend to be indie /alternative. They are somehow under the impression that by posting pictures of scantily clad models in cut off shorts and ray-bans smoking pot, and by blogging about the joy of summer makes them indie. It doesn't. It makes them as mainstream of the the rest of us.

They often will post the link to their tumblr , in the box below their photo on facebook, or link it anonymously over formspring, so more people can blog their amazing photos . It's a vicious cycle.
-Over facebook-

Claud: Omg bebe, I <3 ur tumblr!!!!!1 it's sahhh indie
Emma: omgg thxx, whats ur called ??/
Claud: mines theessenceofsummer.

Emma: omg sahh orgiinal beb
Claud: *re-blogs photos*
by saindiebeb December 29, 2010
A place where everyone loves you. You know, unless you're religious, don't like cats or triangles or Nutella. You MUST be obsessed with Lady Gaga and Adele and every hipster shit band ever. Also, you have to love Doctor Who and Harry Potter and HATE and REJECT anyone who like Twilight or Kristen Stewart. Bacon is life there even though it's gross. People there all hate everyone on their Facebooks, but refuse to delete them. Oh yeah, if you talk about Tumblr outside of tumblr, you're a MUGGLE and will be unfollowed. The best part? People there say that if you don't like what is posted on their blogs to unfollow them. Then they bitch and moan that they're losing followers. Tumblr is an evil place ran by hipster douche bags who are accepting to only a handful of people who follow their "Rules of Tumblr"
Tumblr User: Ughh forever alone guisseee! Facebook sucks! lawlz! Sex. Drugs. Fashion. LOL NUTELLA AND CATS ARE MY ONLY FRIENDS!!! LAWLZ
by Riley7Dawson November 05, 2011
The single largest congregation of faggots on the internet.
"Hey man, I went on Tumblr for the first time today!"
"I had no idea how much of a faggot you are"
by Mr. Brevik April 07, 2013
The most recently declared Country.

Government type: IDGAF
Rule of Law: CATS
Presidential Party: The memes
Immigration policy: Enter at your own risk. Facebookers are frowned upon, and could affect your chance of citizenship.
Billy: Stacey where are you from again?
Stacey: tumblr
Billy: Where's that?
Stacey: On my laptop...butihavetogowatermycatsobye
by Madrina yak bycol March 23, 2012
A website filled with man-hating feminists who get upset about anything and everything because of "muh triggurs." They're so far into social justice that if you aren't a tri-gendered, omnisexual, panromantic, furrykin with schizophrenic ADHD and the ability to turn into a woman at will, you're a blight on the world and should kill yourself. Unless you want to change everything about yourself so people you'll never meet on the internet will like you, stay away from the site.
Tumblr is a breeding ground for the people that make up the pit stains on the shirt of life.
by Iamcraig August 11, 2014
Tumblr is fine. It's a blogging site and allows you to interact with people.If you dislike HP (no Twilight lovers, it's just a sucky romance about vampires which they probably haven't even read & apparenty LOFTR is on the same level?), aren't a 90's child( the last generation with sense they say), or aren't perfectly grammatically correct in everything you type, you will be made fun of, judged & stupid.They despise people on FB because they are treated better than them; usually take a screen shot of the status and post it for lulz on someones spelling or just a question they had that may have been stupid.Then stick their FB links in their description. Basically, if you don't have the mindset of a 'misunderstood' teenager, you don't belong. & you also must be a future cat lady, eat nutella & pizza & have no social life. Don't tell anyone about it because they think no one knows. If you're homophobic, leave. Everyone on Tumblr will hate you as the site is predominately gay. J.K Rowling is God, God doesn't exist, Gays are the best, Obsesity is beautiful, Skinny people are bitches, tans are for whores, FB is shit & trolling is life. If you dislike any of this and express it, you will get anon hate telling you to kill yourself & you're stupid & insult you because you placed an unpopular opinion. Tumblr famous people don't talk to you, don't like you, don't follow you back or even attempt to do anything.Only a Tumblr user would look this up and the response would be: U MAD? -_-
You know that socially awkward, dramatic, problematic, emo boy/girl at your school? They have a Tumblr.
by The Inquirer June 26, 2011
it is the easiest way to blog. A blog site where you can post stolen pictures and claim it as your own. Most of them get annoyed with hipsters and deny the fact that their hipsters which makes them hipsters. They post indie and underground stuff such as headless black and white picture of a runway dress, gifs and pictures of themselves taken from a webcam, models, indie and underground bands such as pink floyd, joy division, etc, andy warhol, kurt cobain, cats, sex, weed, depressive quotes, pixelated texts, screencaps with deep subtitles, lesbians, gays, tumblr memes and faces such as the Y U NO guy, Ragetoon, LOL, and etc., and many more;

Although, there are als- WE'LL BE BACK SHORTLY
hey, I blogged that ages ago, why did you steal it again to make notes out of it and be tumblr famous?

Hi, I'm anon, Bitch I will end you!

I don't care if I have no friends as long as I have tumlblr and cats.
by IOUSUMTHING January 24, 2011

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