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Someone who goes on Tumblr. Not a Tumblrer, but a tumbler.
Sally: I love going on facebook!
Molly: As a tumbler, I hate facebook.
by inyermomspants April 28, 2011
While porking your lover at the top of a staircase, you pull out right before ejaculation, donkey punch her down the stairs, and shoot your load all the way down.

Bonus points if the wad makes it all the way down.

An added bonus if the maneuver is done on a spiral staircase.
I gave Shirley the Tumbler last night, but she broke her neck during the fall. Since my wad landed on her face, I had to clean it off before dumping her body so there wouldn't be any DNA evidence.
by Josue Rico Suave December 01, 2009
Better than pumpers.
Rob:Hey wanna pump?
Dave:No, tumblers are better than pumpers.
Rob: D:
by Curdle February 07, 2009
When a woman gives a man a blowjob with a pair of dice in her mouth. When she finishes she spits the dice out and if she roles snake eyes or doubles she has to do it again.
"dude I was gettin' a tumbler last night and she spit snake eyes 3 times in a row! Alright!!!!"
by Gamblin' Man April 25, 2009
A non offesive euphamism for a top in a homosexual relationship. Credit Adam Carolla
Is he a tumbler or a coaster?
by listener1 January 20, 2011
to recieve a handjob while your balls are in someones mouth
My wife gave me a tumbler for hanging new curtains.
by mrhotgas August 14, 2010
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