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The fat around your penis
John : Hey Adam
Adam: John no one likes you, you tudge.

Jacob : Damn my tudge is huge..
by Joshy Van Gouche October 30, 2012
A simple thin layer of fat that lays over the belly, sort of resemblance to tar, that stops the individual from having a fit body.

The less severe word describing pudge which indicates the individual is not fat, but has a roll. With tudge on the other hand, it is about a penny in diameter if pulling on the skin to visualize the fat.
Levi- "Ricky, you just like those big Italian girls, you have to admit it."

Ricky- "I don't like them HUGE, but I like them to have alittle tudge on them. I like some meat you know."
by levaisproductions January 19, 2011
A very brief communication, all too common in the SMS/ email age.

Formed by combining "touch" and "nudge", to replace the word "touch" in the sentence "Get in touch".

Where "touch" suggests meaningful possibly extended contact, "nudge" implies a only the most cursory attempt at communication.
N: Nez got in tudge the other day.
S: How is he? What's he up to?
N: Didn't say.
by Mr Bunting May 18, 2005