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The act of violently fucking a man in a bathtub.
Paul and I tubthumped for 2 hours straight. We bent the tub and my ass will never be the same again.
by Colpy November 16, 2013
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To beat ferociousally, as in a sporting event, as though you beat them in a tub so as not to get blood all over.
The Miami Heat got tub thumped by the Lakers last night.
by cobraglf January 16, 2007
To blast one's bass, or subwoofer, in their car.
"That car is really tubthumping. I can hear it from here!"
by skwerlybird October 18, 2006
Tubthump(V): to have sexual intercourse in one's bathtub

Alternates: Tubthumping: Amusing song that has nothing to do with the actual meaning of the word
"Haha I tubthumped your sister/mother/cousin/girlfriend/dog!"
by Marko November 10, 2004

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