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One of the few Oriental saints, recognized by the Catholic Church. He watches over some of the most annoying miscreants on mother earth, they are also known as "the never ending talkers" You may also know him as "SHUT THE FUCK UP"
One of our co-workers never did know quite when to shut his mouth, so we always tried to call on St Fu to intervene before we beat him like a red headed step child.
by cobraglf October 01, 2007
To beat ferociousally, as in a sporting event, as though you beat them in a tub so as not to get blood all over.
The Miami Heat got tub thumped by the Lakers last night.
by cobraglf January 16, 2007
A beautiful set of large natural breasts you could play with for hours on end.
That chick over there has the nicest set of yabers I have ever seen, I would love to cover them with a load of throat yogurt.
by cobraglf June 01, 2007
A pulchritudinous set of breasts on a very screwable female.
Betty has got the nicest yabers on the planet, I would love to cover them with a shot of throat yogurt.
by cobraglf May 23, 2007
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