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Slang for the word "truth".
"Man that junt is sooooo drink!!!"
by Rais October 12, 2004
What a black guy seeks when 1 or more "hoes" or "hoodrats" accuse him of being their babies daddy.
Maury, I come on your show today to learn da TRUF about deez grimey bitches and to prove once and for all I am not the father!
by SmokePaught619 December 13, 2010
a word that can be used in pretty much place of anything. it can either be a good or bad replacement for a verb or noun. it can also be used instead of swearing. you can also add an ending to insult someone
swearing---"oh truf!" or "shut the truf up!"

1- hey you look truf today!
2-thanks! i got some new trufs!

1-sam you're such a trufhead
by theanastasia04 March 30, 2011
A stupid word invented by a guy from Loyola.
"Landon, you just failed your Econ test."
by Hunter S. Thompson March 31, 2005
a true friend, loyal and genuine all the time
"I'll tell you like it is no matter what. Remember, I'm a truf!"
by Tata Artista May 16, 2006
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