A high-end denim jeans brand. True Religion jeans feature the trademark Japanese hiragana 'hi' or 'ひ' on its back pockets.

Authentic trues are often horrendously expensive, especially when bought anywhere other than in the United States of America.

Their target market seems to be people who have gigantic legs because a big, big majority of the jeans they manufacture are straight or bootcut fitting (Billy, Bobby, Ricky, etc.), meaning anyone who wants the coolest designs and has an average male leg will need to buy a pair with an uncomfortably small waist size or else it will feel like walking around with cargos 2 sizes too wide. Either that or wear a belt for the rest of your life. Even slimmer jeans such as Nathan are as loose-fitting if not more so compared to Levi's 514 Slim Straight.

Their jeans tend to stretch and fade slightly more than other brands such as Levi's depending on whether they are 'Big T' or 'Super Big T' and which colour you choose. The quality longevity really isn't all that incredible unless you want to constantly go the extra mile to care for these jeans. That being said, when a good-fitting pair is found, True Religion's are among the most comfortable jeans to wear for any occasion.

At the end of the day, unless you are in love with the designs and have found a good fitting pair to buy, there is little reason whatsoever to shell out more than $150 for a pair of these jeans. btw they make ur ass look big.
1: "See that nammer over there with the trues?"
2. "Yeah I'm getting sick and tired of seeing these kind of people wear such expensive jeans and treat them like that."
1: "What do you mean?"
2: "Firstoff, he's 5'5" and the inseam on those is clearly at least a 34. See how wrecked the ends are? Secondly, he's wearing a goddamn North Face vest with that. I think we can both agree that that those two combine for one of the worst wardrobe combinations in history. It's a waste of a nice pair of jeans."
by whatupribs May 02, 2011
Homie, true friend
"Olde english really don't need, but in case my trues wanna get drunk"- Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony
by Nathaniel Rankan November 28, 2005
adj. having the characteristics of being extremely manly, american, and/or tough
dude kevin's ford 5.4 v8 f350 is such a fucking true vehicle

muscle cars, beer, tits, boats, tools, guns, knives, football, porn, spicy food, etc are all true man interests
by fuckstickx November 20, 2008
A category for Metal music that is deeply underground, who's members are very averse to the commerciallity of the worlds music scene. A person who has a taste for this music would be regarded as true.
"That's not true metal"-e.g. Metallicas St.Anger album.
"Listen to true metal, like Darkthrone".
"You are true enough to drink with us".
by Shane Turner/Daniel Lowndes August 05, 2003
A member of the female species targeted by Hunters
"gotta bag me some trues tonite" "fucken hell that Evan fella sure knows how to hunt the trues he's quite the cuntsman"
by 6107 Hunter April 08, 2008
Common in NZ speech for "really?" & "is that so?" & "that's right" etc. Usually has "bro" on the end.
1:I just won the lottery!
2: Ahh True!

1:I'm rich!
2:True Bro.

by Redfar March 01, 2006
Being True.
A measure of how true someone/something is.
Also used to describe someone/something.
Sometimes used to intimidate posers when totally shit-faced.
"Chris is such a trueness."
"Look at the trueness radiating off him!"
"My friend's band is so true, they don't even play their instruments"
"My trueness just got a huge boost, i got all the darkthrone re-releases!"
"Alex just bought another football jersey he is so untrue!!"
by phil April 16, 2005
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