A substitute for the word "true". Used most often to galvanize a situation more so than its drab counterpart could ever.

Pronounced "tee-roo"
Will: Good thing you are only so-so busy, today.

Sara: T rue!

Will: That word is totally rad!
by MumblesMcGee December 17, 2010
A person who is as real as they get. Someone of pure intent.
Yeah...my baby , she's a "TRUE" . She's real as you get , she'd never play me like that.


Hey ya'll know Tommy? Ya he's a "TRUE" he be livin' his dreams out, not caring what them haters think.
by LissaM July 25, 2013
A word commonly used as a synonym for cool at Bear Creek Secondary School; Barrie, Ontario.
Student 1: I have to use the bathroom.
Student 2: True.

Student 1: I fucking hate that 'true' fad going around.
Student 2: True.
by AGurlLykeYew January 10, 2012
This word can be used in 2 ways.

1. Used to state that something that someone previously said, is in fact, true.

2. Used by douchebag tools that always say it after someone says something. Sometimes being irrelevant to what the person just said.
Example 1.

Teacher: The earth is a sphere. Student, what is the answer?

Student: True.

Example 2.

Person: Yo broski I just got these sick-ass headphones!

Douche: True.
by Non-Douchebag January 03, 2011
A common expression which can act as a response to a plethora of questions or statements.
"What are you doing tonight?"
"Going to the ball game with my family."

"What was the math homework?"
"Page Eight Evens."
"Oh, true."

"That girl is so damn goofy!"
by MistyDowns January 23, 2009
The latest teenage buzz word. It is used to express interest, disbelief, or sheer stupidity.
"This is the mitochondrion. It is often referred to as the power house of the cell. It contains its own set of DNA and has its own nucleus."

"Oh. True?"

"Francesco Petrarca or 'Petrarch' was an early Italian humanist."

"Oh. True?".
by ErasmusXIV December 12, 2010
1.) to speak the truth
2.) A human male who resembles the mutant humans in "I Am Legend", normally speaks out of turn and cracks not funny jokes, and then laughs at himself. Likes to harass girls, and do weird things that no one thinks is funny at all.
Dude, don't be a true, that joke was so fucking corny.
by mynAMEISrolyat May 14, 2008

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