A response to a factual statement which one wishes to speak of as little as possible for fear of shame or guilt.
Sarah: You're such a dodgy bastard sometimes.
Travis: True.
by Fyx July 31, 2003
Can pretty much be used to answer anything. Sometimes it meant to agree/disagree/sarcastically answer something.
Friend 1 - I gotta new bike today!
Friend 2 - True.

Friend 1 - I gotta go visit my dad's foster mom in jail today.
Friend2 - True...

Friend 1 - I don't wanna go to the mall today.
Friend 2 - True.
by LEGACI September 17, 2007
another way of answering yes to a question

Aye young you goin' to the club tonight?
True. I'll be there.

by Miss Raven December 06, 2006
The word invented by Lofto and is the symbol of the life. The true is a way of life and can be said in multiple ways. Trubeedoo.
True or False...True?
by SirNoName October 31, 2010
used by every long island bitch. they use it to answer every question.
and sometimes...they use it when a question isn't even being asked!

dumb hoes.
"are you going to get your nails done again?"

"i have soo much homework to do."
by long island bitches suck March 23, 2008
A word that can be used in most contexts, when used to reply to a statement or question, that usually means the person using it is not actually listening.
1. Person 1: <tells a 20 minute story that is majorly uninteresting>
Person 2: "True"
by mrpain September 03, 2008
A substitute for the word "true". Used most often to galvanize a situation more so than its drab counterpart could ever.

Pronounced "tee-roo"
Will: Good thing you are only so-so busy, today.

Sara: T rue!

Will: That word is totally rad!
by MumblesMcGee December 17, 2010
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