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A woman's ass that is wide, thick, easy to mount, full of definition and doesn't stick out far like ghetto booty or yoga ass.
"That girl's behind is wide and thick but doesn't stick out, she's got a severe case of trucker ass"
by DannyDashboard April 29, 2014
When your ass goes numb after sitting down for so long you literally feel like your ass has grown wider.
Bill - I've been at work for 13 hours straight i feel like i got trucker ass.
by Mike370773 May 13, 2010
When your ass/inner thighs are raw from sweat and movement similar to vigourously applying sandpaper to your ass crack/inner thighs very very painful
I've been pushing this lawnmower all day it feels like I have a case of trucker ass
by Daniel W July 03, 2006
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