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The occurrence of two naked men slapping each other cocks together as a form of sexual pleasure.
Janet: Why didn't Mike and Dave come to thew party?
Marlon: They were too busy sword fighting when i called them and said that they had rather cum later.
by Static1432 October 23, 2009
Having remnants, usually crust and grease, on your lips after digging into a bowl of fried chicken.
Colonel: If I were you, I certainly wouldn't go into the interview looking like that?

Patricia: Why, is there something wrong with my dress?

Colonel: Naw bitch, you just forgot to wipe your fried chicken lips after lunch!
by Static1432 October 23, 2009
Having sex inside of a dressing room at a major retail store while being as quiet as possible.
After trying on clothes in front of one another, Bella and Dixie were so horny that they engaged in dressing room sex before the store closed.
by Static1432 October 23, 2009
When you are sitting in class and have to take a monster shit to the point where it feels like you are being stabbed in the stomach repeatedly. It requires a quick trip to the bathroom where you blow the gaskets off of the toilet and everyone hears you fighting the feces out of your asshole.
While Bella was sitting in class, she felt like she was being crap attacked and rushed to the bathroom. As soon as she sat on the pot she fought tooth and nail to remove the feces from her intestines until she finally collapsed in victory.
by Static1432 November 10, 2009
Driving a motor vehicle with the seat reclined all the way back so that the driver's head is difficult to see in the car.
Tito: Yo man, there ain't nobody driving that car over there...
Rashad: Yes there is fool, he be sleep driving!
by Static1432 September 22, 2009
A squirrel that is standing of the middle of road debating whether to run to the left or the right and at the last second runs onto the grass and then back onto the road where he is instantly splatted and blood and feces goes everywhere.
Oh my god, look at that squirrel standing in the middle of the road. If he doesn't hurry and move then he is going to be one fucked squirrel.
by static1432 March 24, 2010
Someone who wakes up in the middle of the night while staying at a guest's house and proceeds to sample all of the food in their refrigerator.
Madeleine found out that her sister Bella was a fridge whore after Bella strategically sampled all of the food in Madeleine's refrigerator and passed out on the floor in ecstacy with the door open.
by static1432 March 20, 2010

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